Best glass wall for your home and office

One of the ways of adding a contemporary feel to your new home is by installing glass walls. Not only are glass walls excellent furnishing elements but they also add character and lighting to a room. If you reside or own commercial property in New York, you are in luck. One of the best companies to work with on a glass wall installation project is Crystalia Glass. About Crystalia Glass Crystalia Glass is located in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2015, the company is known for developing as well as selling high-quality glazing systems. Whether you need glass wall systems or glass railings for your home or business premises, the company is your best bet.

With the various years of experience in the field, Crystalia Glass is a company that continues to use innovative ways to transform the construction space. Their residential and commercial clients are mainly from New York.  The range of Services Since they started their business, Crystalia Glass have offered their customers a wide range of services. They work with homeowners and commercial property owners to install different outfits, including sunrooms, canopies, curtain walls, mirrors, shower enclosures, retractable roofs, and pergolas just to name a few. Before they offer any of their services, the company will sign a service agreement with you.

This ensures that you get quality products and services with each project they help you with.  Why You Should Choose Crystalia Glass for Your Glass Wall Systems Are you thinking of installing a glass wall system in your home or commercial premises? The experts at Crystalia Glass are more than willing to assist. One of the reasons why customers keep going back is because of their good track record and reputation. Not only are their installations done with keen attention to detail, but they also use durable and high-quality products. In fact, their glazing systems are sourced from equally reputable manufacturers and suppliers in the US and the UK.

Another advantage of using Crystalia Glass for your glass wall system installation is because the company is licensed to provide services in New York. Their contractors are all bonded and they have workers’ compensation, disability as well as liability insurance covers. This ensures that your safety, as well as that of your property, is safeguarded throughout the entire project.  Glass Wall Options for Customers Finding the right glass wall system for your home or business premises is as easy as checking out what Crystalia Glass has to offer. Depending on the kind of glass wall you want, you can choose from the various options available at Crystalia Glass. The Automatic Sliding Glass Wall AGL -100 is one of the glass systems you can choose for your premises. The lifting system is also called a guillotine and it is operated by remote control which moves the frames up and down.  Another glass wall option is the Frameless Glass Wall SGL –90 which comes without profiles.

This system offers a frameless option that is easy to manage and adapts to places such as the attic, porches, and terraces.

  • The Frameless Sliding Glass Wall SGL – 1116 is slightly similar, and it comes with ease of operation and minimal care.   If you are looking for a folding door,
  • the FGL -200 is your best bet. The waterproof glass wall is suitable for outdoor spaces and it comes with a lock for security. Its counterpart,
  • the FGL – 100 is also sleek and instead of being installed on the floor, it runs on overhead tracks.

Contact the Experts Today! Transforming both your interior and outdoor spaces is as easy as choosing an appropriate glass wall system. The good news is that if you reside or own property in New York, Crystalia Glass is at your disposal. The company will not only sell you affordable glass wall systems, but they will also send their contractors to ensure that the walls are properly installed.   Whether you need help choosing glass wall systems or you need installation services, do not hesitate to contact the professionals today. The friendly customer care assistants at Crystalia Glass are more than ready to assist. From their official website, you can also browse their gallery and learn more about their glazing systems through their blog.