Sunroom Glazing Mistakes

mistakes in the glazing of the sunroom can be avoided if you prepare a little for the arrival of the measurer from the window company. You should not rely only on his professionalism. Sometimes, he is absent, unfortunately. It is only necessary to look at how the glazing is made in some neighboring balconies, to make sure of this.

There is no point in insulating a sunroom if streams flow through it during the rain (or even a little bit wet), or open installation foam decomposes in the sun. And this problem is not far-fetched. Often, this is exactly what our customers are complaining about – their windows are not supplied by us. And the solution is often only one – reinstallation of windows.

We insulate sunrooms not only after they have been glazed, but also with ready-made glazing. If we accept the order for glazing and insulation, we try to carefully calculate and install the windows. In this case, we will not have any problems during the insulation itself.

Our windows are standing flat, the walls do not close the double-glazed windows and they can be easily replaced if something happens to them. And, what is more important – through our glazing does not get water on the sunroom. For this “responsible” napkins and visor (or cornice). Exactly, the amount of water on your sunroom during the downpour depends on its correct installation.

Correct Sunroom Glazing

To talk about “wrong” glazing for further insulation, it is necessary to explain what it is – “right” glazing? You can read about it here┬áIn this article you can find a sufficient minimum required:

it should be a PVC window, preferably with a double glazing unit. Profile, by the way, from which the windows will be made, has no particular importance. Most profiles are now done with good quality – choose any (except for the very cheap).
outside there should be “correct” napkins and visor, which will protect the foam from the sun, and the sunroom from the penetration of rain inside.
The distance from walls to insulating glass units and opening sashes should be within 1 inch – not more and not less. The last condition is the most important. Single-chamber double-glazed windows can always be replaced by a double-chamber, but if the window will be more than necessary, then after insulating the double-glazed windows “go” into the walls, and the sashes will not open. Often we refuse to insulate for this reason.

How to Glaze Your Sunroom

If you warn window workers that you are going to heat your sunroom, you will certainly be listened to, leave as a sign of consent, promise to take this into account, but still do so in the end, as in the pictures below. Why?

Because, in most cases, people finish their balconies with a wagon and the usual installation of the window (even the most unsuccessful) allows you to do it without serious problems. So the metering operator will think that in any case everything will be fine. But it is not! With the subsequent insulation, the “normal” installation of the window is not acceptable.

It is important for the measurer at the moment, that the window only “climbed” into the aperture. And that’s it. The fact that you will then have problems with thermal insulation nobody cares, unfortunately. “The window is worth it, isn’t it? – Yes, it is. Do the sashes open? – They open. Have you ordered such a window? – Such a window. What is the problem then?” – here’s a sample conversation if you want to resent it after installation. Most likely, you will not resent it. You wouldn’t count these distances in advance either, would you? And after that, what is the demand?

It is also easier for installers to put a window with minimal perimeter gaps: less foam will go away and there is no need for napkins. All remain in their interests, except the customer.

We on the website in several places warn about the crucial role of the correct glazing of the sunroom, which will be insulated. But it does not do much good. Pictures from below confirm this. One of the owners (or rather, the owner) was on our site before glazing his sunroom. I read it, but as a result, she did not glaze it at us and here is the result in the pictures.

Typical Mistakes In Sunroom Glazing

What is interesting and what made the author write this article is the results of two measurements of just insulation with finished glazing for one day in a row. There was also a third sunroom with similar problems on that day, but no pictures were taken. All windows are problematic!

There is something to be warned against, right? And how much such grief- windows did not get into this article from our practice. Most of the balconies that were not glazed by us have such problems.

Exactly, the correct design and installation of the window on the parapet determine how successful your insulation will be.

mistakes in sunroom glazing can be avoided if you do not look for the cheapest option. Perhaps you will save a lot of money in some company on the windows, but the fact that the result will be the same as in the picture to the left is also very high. Even the frame profile under the window sill is not placed. Do glazing and insulation in one company, especially if you only have to do it. This is the right way to do it. The savings are questionable, and the probability of careless and illiterate glazing is high. As a rule, no one cares what the customer will then do with his sunroom.