Architectural glass company

Architectural glass

Architectural glass and mosaic art for interiors and the built environment by Bradley Basso.

Bradley Basso specialise in the design, production and installation of architectural glass art, glass design and mosaic art. Bradley Basso is a partnership, with studios in New York and California, working in conjunction with specialist professionals. Their innovative use of glass and mosaics combines creative input in response to space, with multiple techniques and high quality craftsmanship.

Ray Bradley and Denise Basso formed Bradley Basso partnership, having established a close working relationship and recognised their common interests in the potential of glass and mosaics. The union combines long international experience supporting the dynamic of a new design and creative capability.

Bradley Basso use transparent, translucent and reflective surfaces that can modulate the transmission of light to provide function, concept, aesthetics and ambience, to respond to a context, a place, a space, interacting with its public. They emphasise the intimate interaction between interior and exterior, between glass art and design, glass sculpture and architecture, the craft and art of mosaic.

Bradley Basso use their skills in the creation, production and installation of commissioned works of architectural glass art and mosaic using various techniques involved with etched glass, sandblasted glass, gilded enamelled and stained glass.